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The Staff


Senior Leadership Team


Headteacher : Ms G Moore

Deputy Headteachers : Mrs M Louca/Mr A Walmsley

Assistant Headteachers : Miss J Pearson/Mr G Miller/Mrs F Woodley

Inclusion Manager : Miss D Harvey


Class Teachers



Class RN - Miss N Nahar

Class RB - Miss A Barnett

Class RAL - Mrs J Ankcorn-Lane

Class RD - Miss B David


Year 1

Class - 1P - Miss Potter

Class 1G - Mrs J Geary

Class 1H - Mr D Hodgkinson

Class 1WF - Mrs L Wilson & Mrs A Farmer


Year 2

Class 2W - Mr T Wearing

Class 2M - Miss S Miller

Class 2G - Mr J Gunter

Class 2R - Mrs K Ryan


Year 3

Class 3Q - Mrs R Quinn

Class 3A - Mr S Argyle

Class 3S - Mr A Shah

Class 3L - Mr A Lloyd


Year 4

Class 4J - Mr I Jones

Class 4U - Mr A Ulhaq

Class 4F - Miss H Fielding

Class 4M - Miss L McDougall


Year 5

Class 5W - Mrs S Walker

Class 5T - Mr L Thacker

Class 5C - Miss N Chaudary

Class 5M - Miss K Morgan

Intervention - Mrs J Wainwright


Year 6

Class 6P - Miss L Perkins

Class 6A - Mr E Abraham

Class 6H - Mr C Haigh

Class 6O - Miss E Orford

Intervention - Miss M Price



Additional Teaching Staff


Mrs J Hodgkiss

Mrs O Joannou

Mrs D Sankey

Mrs S Deakin

Miss J Ward (PE and Sport)

Mrs S Clarke

Miss C Williams

Miss L Field

Mrs L Grange

Mrs E Job



Teaching Assistants


Mrs J Angell, Mrs V Leach

Mrs L Cartwright, Mrs J Jones, Miss K Wilkes

Mrs T Pearson, Miss L Erdinc, Miss E Marshall

Mrs L France, Mrs K Brennan, Miss R Riando

Mrs L Dunne, Mrs C Erdinc, Mrs T Allen

Mrs R Talat, Miss D Thomas, Mrs L Fereday,

Mrs R Mullan, Miss G Lewis

Mrs J Bates, Mrs H Roach



 Curriculum Leadership Teams


Maths Team

Mr E Abraham (Maths Leader/Specialist Maths Teacher)

Mr T Wearing (Maths Leader)

Mrs D Sankey (Targeting and Intervention Leader)

Mrs E Job (Targeting and Intervention Teacher)


English Team

Miss M Price (English Leader)

Miss E Orford (English Leader)

Mrs S Walker (English Grammar Leader)

Mrs D Sankey (Targeting and Intervention Leader)


YPC Team

Mrs A Farmer (Curriculum Design & Development Leader)

Mrs J Hodgkiss (Curriculum Design & Development Leader/Specialist Maths Teacher)

Mr L Thacker (Art Leader)

Miss H Fielding (History Leader)

Mrs J Geary (Geography Leader)

Mr A Lloyd (D&T Leader)

Miss N Chaudary (Modern Foreign Languages Leader)


Science and Computing Team

Mrs J Wainwright (Science Leader)

Mr A Shah (Science Support)

Mr S Argyle (Science Support)

Mr C Haigh (Computing and ICT Leader)


Teaching and Learning Team

Miss A Barnett (EYFS Teaching & Learning Leader)

Miss N Nahar (EYFS Teaching & Learning Leader)

Mrs F Woodley (Key Stage 1 Teaching & Learning Leader)

Mr G Miller (Key Stage 2 Teaching & Learning Leader)

Mrs Deakin (Key Stage 1 Teaching & Learning Mentor)

Mrs O Joannou (Key Stage 2 Teaching & Learning Mentor)



Spiritual, Moral, Cultural, Rights Respecting and Healthy Minds Team

Mrs S Deakin (Equalities and Mental Health Leader)

Mrs D Sankey (Mental Health Leader)

Mrs S Clarke (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education Leader)

Miss K Morgan (Health for Life Leader)

Mrs R Quinn (Health for Life Leader)

Miss B David (Charity Fundraising)


Performing Arts Team

Mrs L Grange (Music Leader)

Mr D Hodgkinson (Music Leader)

Miss S Miller (Performing Arts Leader)


PE, Sport & Outdoor Learning Team

Mr J Gunter (PE and Sports Leader)

Miss J Ward (Specialist PE Teacher)

Miss J Ankcorn (Dance Teacher)

Mr I Jones (Outdoor Learning/Forest Schools Leader)

Miss J Pearson (Educational Visits Leader)


Assessment Team

Mrs M Louca (Deputy Headteacher)

Miss J Pearson (Assistant Headteacher)

Mrs F Woodley (Key Stage 1 Teaching & Learning Leader)

Mr G Miller (Key Stage 2 Teaching & Learning Leader)


Inclusion Team

Miss D Harvey (Inclusion Manager and Pupil Premium Leader)

Mrs D Sankey (Targeting and Intervention Leader)

Mrs E Job (Targeting and Intervention Teacher)

Mrs O Joannou (Upper Key Stage 2 Targeting and Intervention Teacher)

Mrs K Ryan (Key Stage 1 Behaviour Leader)

Mr L Thacker (Key Stage 2 Behaviour Leader)

Mr S Page (Pastoral Manager)



Safeguarding Team

Ms G Moore (Headteacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs M Louca (Deputy Headteacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mr A Walmsley (Deputy Headteacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead/Digital Safety Leader/Parenting in the Digital Age Facilitator)

Miss J Pearson (Assistant Headteacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mr G Miller (Assistant Headteacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Miss D Harvey (Inclusion Manager/Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs J Cooper (Senior Leader/Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mr S Page (Pastoral Manager/Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mr C Haigh (Curriculum Digital Safety Leader)



 Site Management


Mr G Wood (Site Manager)

Mr M Marshall (Building Services Supervisor)

Mr P Delahaye (Casual Building Services Supervisor)





Mrs L Bond (Office Manager/PA)

Mrs R Sale (School Business Manager)

Mrs L Hatton (School Administrator)

Miss J Parr (School Administrator)

Mrs H Thomas (School Administrator)

Mrs M Ryan (Finance Assistant)

Mrs L Walker (General Assistant)

Miss S Walker (General Assistant)



Lunchtime Supervisors


Mrs J Bennett (Senior Lunchtime Supervisor)

Supported by Lunchtime Supervisors



Catering Staff


Mrs Morris (Catering Supervisor)

Mrs Meakin (Deputy Catering Supervisor)

Mrs Breeze (General Assistant)

Mrs Rea (General Assistant)

Mrs Bushell (General Assistant)

Mrs Ahmed (General Assistant)

Mrs Begum (General Assistant)

Mrs Bi (General Assistant)





Mrs V Leach (Manager)

Mrs T Allen (Acting Deputy Manager)

Mrs L Fereday (Play Co-ordinator)

Mrs K Brennan (Play Co-ordinator)

Mrs L Dunne (Play Co-ordinator)

Mrs D Hemmings (Play Co-ordinator)

Mrs J Meakin (Play Co-ordinator)

Mrs C Erdinc (Play Co-ordinator)

Miss C Allen (Play Co-ordinator)

Mrs C Volante (Play Co-ordinator)

Miss E Marshall (Cover Play Co-ordinator)




Updated: July 2019



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