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January 19
First two weeks.

It has been lovely to see everyone back at school and to hear all about the pupils’ holiday and the many exciting Christmas presents that so many of them received. They are a lucky bunch! I have even had discussions with pupils who were fortunate enough to leave the country to find some winter sun and have come back glowing! For the rest of us it remains cold and often icy. The site staff continue to work hard to treat all patches of ice on the playground but please take care and monitor your children in the playground before school to avoid accidents.
The spring term has got off to a great start with pupils settling straight back in to school and working very hard. We have held our first workshops of 2018 and celebration assemblies will begin again next week. You will already have been sent a letter if your child is going to receive an award.
Over the next few weeks there will be more workshops for parents and a number of year groups have educational visits both on and off site.
We will be sending dates out soon about consultation around reducing the amount of paper that we use for communication & letters and becoming a paperless school. Please do look out for these dates as we would really welcome your input. We will ensure that there are morning, afternoon and evening meetings so that as many people as possible are able to contribute their views.
I would like to remind all parents that Tesco are happy for parents to park in their car park whilst they drop their children to the school site. It is unsafe for pupils and unfair to residents and commuters to stop your car in the middle of Harvey Rd to let your children out, to come into school. Please be thoughtful about your child’s safety and considerate of the school community and ensure that you do not do this.


December 21
Thank you :0)

It has been another action packed half term!

As always, you have been an invaluable support to your children and to the school. Thank you, this is very much appreciated.
This week we have enjoyed some more exciting events. The musical performance was brilliant - you have very talented children! Professor McGinty visited Y3 to enhance their Victorian topic and was both informative and entertaining, as usual. Then the Hobgoblin theatre performed for all year groups and both productions were a hit with the pupils. It is lovely for them to have the opportunity to experience live theatre.
We say goodbye to Mr Convery this term as he is moving on to pastures new. We wish him well in his new post, in special education - I know you will excel, Mr Convery. Thank you for all your many years of service at YPS.
The New Year will bring another busy term for pupils and staff, with many more events planned – please make sure that you check the website for all the information and dates.
Have a lovely holiday and if you are celebrating Christmas, I hope that Father Christmas brings you everything you would like! (Of course I am sure, that all our parents have been nice and not in the least bit naughty....!)
Please stay safe, and we look forward to welcoming everyone back to school on Monday 8th January 2018.


Gaynor Moore :0)


December 13
Simply brilliant....

The Christmas Fayre was another huge success this year. Thank you to all the parents who ventured out on an incredibly cold winter's evening to attend and support us or to run stalls. Thanks also to all the staff who helped to organise the event and well done to all our pupils for their fabulous and creative contributions!

A massive thank you must also go to Mr Walmsley who seems to start his preparations for the event in July! We also really appreciate all the donations parents made in advance of the Fayre. Your generosity will mean a good profit to spend on the pupils.  

In addition to the Christmas Fayre we have had YR performances, Y1&2 performances and many, many parent workshops. They have all been brilliant and your attendance and support is very much appreciated.

The many appreciative comments parents have made this week about our early opening of school, and the efforts the site staff have made to clear the snow and ice, and make the site safe, have been lovely to receive. Thank you for being so patient, and sensible around the ice!

The last week will bring the musical performance, festive parties and, without a doubt, very excited pupils.

We will endeavour not to wind them up too much before sending them home for the holidays!

Gaynor Moore :0)   

November 03
First week back

We have had a great start to the second half of the autumn term after the holiday. Pupils have been sharing all the exciting things they did with us; they certainly seem to have had lots of fun and been very busy!

Jules Howard (Paleolab) visited school again this week for the start of Y6’s evolution and inheritance topic. The pupils had a great time and were all very enthusiastic after their workshop. Thank you to Jules for such an informative and thought provoking visit. Y1 have also had an entry point for their Dressing Up topic today. Lots of fantastic costumes to be seen! Look out for the pictures on our Twitter accounts. J

The tours around school for prospective parents and children for September 2018 started this week. Thank you to all the pupils and staff who shared with them why they think Yardley Primary is such a lovely school.  

This will be a long half term before we break up for Christmas on Thursday 21st December. It is also an incredibly busy half term with many events and performances, so please keep referring to the website and checking dates. We have had to make changes to a couple of Christmas performance dates so, if you work off a paper copy of the school calendar (provided by the school office) then please call in for an updated one.
Children in Need is on Friday 17th November and the pupils have once again asked for this to be a pyjama day. There will also be a number of events in school for the pupils to take part in. This is always a very enjoyable day and raises funds for a really good cause. Thank you in advance for your support.
The Christmas Fayre (Friday 8th December) will be here before we know it. As usual any donations will be gratefully received – please head Mr Walmsley’s way!
Please remember to look at Twitter as a lot of information is communicated using this method. All classes and teachers have accounts and they tweet lots of exciting and informative things. You can find out what your child has been learning and follow their achievements & successes. Please sign up and follow your child’s class and the school @yardleyprimary.

We will soon be sending out information for parents about our ‘going paperless’ consultation. We need your thoughts on what this will mean for you so that we can consider all views on the matter. Please look out for the consultation information and tell us what you think.


October 20
Not sure how we are already at the half term holiday!

​I can't believe that we are already at the end of the first half term. As always, your children have done you proud and had a great half term. They have worked really hard as you will have seen from the amount of work in their books! 

We have had many, many workshops and assemblies and they have all been very well attended – thank you. Your support is very much appreciated.
Parents’ evening was also very well attended. It was very enjoyable, not just for class teachers, but for the senior leadership team to chat to parents and share the many great things that your children are doing.
The school expansion from three to four forms of entry is now complete. We are four form entry in every year group and are 840 pupils strong. For those parents who have been at the school since it began, especially those in Y6 who were the first year group to be four form entry, thank you. Thank you for your support and for your patience whilst building work was completed and when complicated changes to the way we work had to be made. We are very, very lucky to have such a supportive and helpful school community!
Thank you for your comments about how brilliant the City Year team are. We agree! They are doing a great job and will be adding clubs to their list next half term!



As you are aware, school funding is being cut dramatically. One of the things that has always made a big difference to our budget has been ‘Pupil Premium’ money. This is money that the school gets when families are in receipt of certain benefits and are eligible for free school meals. Largely due to universal free school meals for infant children, many parents are not letting us know they are eligible. This means we could face LOSING MORE THAN £100,000 from our budget next financial year on top of the cuts already made. This will mean we have to cut many services we provide. PLEASE, PLEASE look out for the letter we are going to send after the school holiday and fill in details for us. If we can’t get this funding then many difficult choices about what to cut from the schools provision will have to be made.
Y6 transition to secondary:
31 October 2017 is the final deadline for you to submit your preferences for your Y6 child to transfer to secondary school in September 2018.
Parent/carers can apply online by visiting:
Have a wonderful holiday, be safe and we will look forward to seeing everyone back on Tuesday October 31st. J


October 02
Brilliant start....

I know from the many conversations I’ve had on the playground that many of you enjoyed a great summer break, but also that many of you were glad to be doing the school run once again! I hope that you all received your Autumn 1 Newsletter (if you did not receive one, it is on the website).

I thought I would wait to post my first blog until the children had been back a short while and the routines were all up and running once again. So, as we enter October, here is a synopsis of September!
As always, your children have done you proud and settled very well into new classes and routines. A special mention to the YR pupils, who again outstripped our expectations by adapting so quickly to full time school and all the rules, rewards and routines they have been introduced to.
It has been a busy month, including for parents, with meet the teacher meetings, Harvest assemblies and MacMillan coffee morning. Not to mention the Roald Dahl day where so many pupils were dressed up as Dahl’s characters. They looked brilliant and we commend our incredibly creative parents!


The new dining hall extension was completed over the summer holiday so the pupils have far more space now during their dinner break. The hall that used to be the sandwich hall will shortly be set up as the theatre space it was designed to be and this will provide a tailored space for class assemblies and many other events. The sensory garden is also well under way and we will post some pictures for you when it is complete.
The dates of events for the whole school year are on the school website and, as always a paper copy can be obtained from the school office should you require one. Our aim is to keep all the dates as planned but do check regularly as we occasionally have to make a change.  


I would like to remind parents that the Senior Leadership Team are all out on the playground each morning should you need to speak to someone. The teachers have thirty pupils in their care as soon as the doors open so they are not available in the morning, apart from in YR where parents can bring their children in to the classroom and complete morning work with them if they wish. Class teachers are out on the playground each afternoon at the end of the day and this is the time to speak to them should you need to. If you do not pick your child up from school at the end of the day, you can phone the office and the teacher with arrange to speak to you at a mutually convenient time. If your child attends the before or after school club, please DO NOT wander into the school building to speak to class teachers. They have preparation and marking to do and the above protocol of calling school to arrange a meeting still applies. The club staff are clear about their procedures and they are, to drop and pick pupils up from club staff and areas only.  
We have had requests from parents to ask members of the school community to refrain from smoking or vaping directly outside the school gates. Please do be thoughtful with this and ensure you are some way from the school entrances where pupils, parents and staff have to enter and exit.
Thank you for your ongoing support.


Gaynor Moore J


July 24
End of Year

I’m not sure how it is that we are already at the end of another year, the time has simply flown by. Or maybe it is just me getting older and the time passing more quickly, as one of the Year 2 pupils kindly suggested to me recently!

The pupils have once again been a credit to you and the school during this academic year; working hard, winning trophies, achieving brilliant results and demonstrating what lovely young people they are.
Year 6 left us last Friday and are moving on to pastures new. I have no doubt that they have the resilience, intelligence, skills and talent to perform incredibly well and to make their secondary schools proud too. I hope that we will hear about how well they are getting on via parents, secondary schools and return visits from the pupils. We love to hear news of ‘our pupils’.
We have enjoyed some fabulous end of term events with the Y6 leavers’ performance, the Y2 end of KS1 performance and the YR graduation assemblies. The pupils worked very hard and enjoyed performing for the many parents who attended. The Y6 leavers’ was particularly momentous as it was the last year group of 90 pupils and therefore the last time that the whole of Y6 will be able to perform together. Next year will see the conclusion of the school’s expansion and Y6 will have 120 pupils. This will mean too many pupils for one performance so we will be trying a new approach to the annual leavers’ production next year. 
We welcome two new teachers in September who are already known to the school; Mr Argyle in Y5 and Miss Miller in Y2. We also welcome back Mrs Grange after her maternity leave.
Mrs Spalding, who has been with the school for a great many years is leaving us. She is taking a well-deserved early retirement and I would like to take the opportunity to thank her for her commitment and many years of service.
The City Year team have also completed their years’ service with us and we will welcome a new team in September. Our partnership with City Year has been of huge value to our pupils and to the young volunteers and we look forward to another successful year. 
As always, I can’t emphasise enough how grateful we are for your ongoing support for the pupils and the school. We are truly blessed with our pupils and their families and we do really appreciate working with you and your children.
Whilst ‘thank you’ doesn’t seem sufficient for all your kindness - a massive thank you for all the kind words and gifts to the school staff at the end of year.
Have a very happy and safe summer holiday and we will look forward to welcoming our 840 pupils and their families, back to school, in September.


Gaynor Moore J


July 07
26th June - 7th July 2017

As always, a busy couple of weeks!

We have had more parent workshops and class assemblies. My personal highlight was seeing a YR pupil from RA acting the part of me! A very good job she did too, high heels and all! Thank you to all the parents for attending.
The Y6 pupils have had their transition day at secondary schools. They seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves and seem to be looking forward to September and a new adventure.
The YR – Y5 pupils have all had their ‘move up’ afternoon with their new teacher and were clearly keen to impress!
All pupils have had their school reports and teachers will be available next week at the drop in parents’ evening to discuss these if parents would like to. 3C are having a formal parents’ evening and have been given notification of this along with appointments. This is due to Mr Convery’s absence in the spring term.

For a change, the weather was with us and all the sports day events went ahead as planned. Thank you for your attendance and a special thanks to parents who took part in parent races. We can’t possibly see where your children’s competitive sides come from!
The last two weeks are jammed full of events. The YR graduation, Y2 performance and the Y6 leavers’ performance marking the end of each phase for the relevant pupils. We look forward to welcoming you to these events if your child is involved.
Unfortunately, I need to remind some parents AGAIN about safety when dropping their children to school. It is simply unsafe and inappropriate to stop cars in the middle of Harvey Road and allow any children to get out and run across the remainder of the road. As well as being unsafe for the children it also blocks the road completely which is thoughtless and unacceptable for the Harvey Road residents and other road users. Please park up safely and let them out or walk them in, depending on their age. Tesco, as I have previously communicated, are more than happy for parents to use the car park whilst parents are dropping their children off.

June 23
The last two weeks.....

As usual, it has been incredibly busy!

I attended a great YR assembly this week. Well done to the brave Dads who came to the front of the hall (possibly under a little duress…?!) at the end of the assembly. I know you love getting a gold sticker! J
We have had a number of Parent workshops and the book fair has been in school. Thank you to all the parents who attended these events.
Free Radio were in school last week working with year 6 and Jess Phillips MP was in school looking at the work that City Year do. All these visitors commented on how well behaved and articulate the pupils were. As always, they did the school and their parents proud!


The Y1 pupils have all completed their phonics tests – well done to you all for trying so hard. J


Massive thanks to parents and pupils for the fund raising efforts on two counts:
We have raised enough additional funds to buy the Snug-play (large playground equipment) for KS2. This means that the whole school now have large play equipment on the playground during the dinner hour.
Over £1000 was raised for UNICEF during the ‘Day for change’ and following few weeks. This was to support the ‘Rights of the child’.  
The exterior work on the extension to the dinner hall has started. I was having a good chat with some Y5 pupils about this last week and explaining what we are doing and why. We have also completed the yellow box marking around the exits. This should hopefully help visibility/crowding at the end of the day with parents standing a little further away from the building.
For your information:
Reports and information about classes for next year. Your child / children will bring this out of school with them on 5th July.
Parents’ evening will be 12th July.
These dates and all other dates for the remainder of the school year can be found on the website calendar.
Preferably we would like it if pupils walking to school alone did not visit the shop before school. However, if this is something you allow your child to do and they buy sweets and/or fizzy pop and bring them in to school with them be aware that this will be taken from them and given back at the end of the day.
Please remember to be on time at the end of the school day.
Have a great weekend. J


June 09
Start of summer 2

I am not sure whether the academic year goes this fast just because I'm getting old! (No responses needed to that, thank you!) We are already at the start of the last half term and I am not sure where the year has gone.

It has been a great first week back with lots of holiday stories and trips to hear about from the pupils. They have, as always, come back to school ready to learn and very focused. Well done to all the pupils for that.
There have been some exciting entry and exit points for topics this week. Just today year 1 flew to Italy! (In the metaphorical sense, you understand!) Lots of year 1 staff looking like cabin crew and some very excitable pupils.
Year 3 also had a parent workshop. Thank you to all the parents who attended.
We had Y6 and YR photographs this week. We did have some parental questions about YR having a second photo so we will canvass your views and look at that for next year.
Again this week the Great British political system forced us out of school for the day. However, the modifications to the school building have already started and one of the projects will hopefully mean that we never have to close for voting again. We hope to have a completely secure area for voting (that has all the requirements that come with being a Polling Station) that is separate from the general school populous. This will mean that the school can be used as a Polling Station but we will still be able to open and ensure that all safeguarding requirements for pupils and staff are met. 


The school calendar is looking increasingly busy so please make sure you check dates and events regularly on the website. A paper copy can be obtained from the office if you need one.
Have a lovely weekend. See you Monday. J




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 About this blog

About this blog
Welcome to the Yardley Primary School Head teacher blog. This blog is an opportunity for me to share with you! I will be talking about the wonderful things that our pupils are up to and also keeping parents informed.   Please look and feel free to leave comments. You will need to be signed in to leave comments but you can read the blog without signing in.