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December 16
Autumn 2 in 5A

​Another fabulous half term in 5A! The class has continued to impress me with their maturity, empathy and effort.

Unfortunately, we had to spend some of this half term working from home. It was so encouraging to see so many pupils engaging every day and working with enthusiasm. One of the highlights of the term for me was reading their incredible poems based on The British by Benjamin Zephaniah, which was the culmination of a unit accessed entirely at home.

In English, we've focused lots on GPS and basic skills, with a bit of narrative writing thrown in there, too. I'm really excited for the class to flex their creative writing muscles a bit more in the new year.

In maths, we've done lots of multiplication and division, powering through difficult concepts like long multiplication and short division. The children's work on line graphs and timetables that they completed at home was also impressive.

In science, we've moved from Earth and Space to forces and, though we missed some opportunities for some exciting experiments due to the timing of our enforced absence, I'm hoping to find time to squeeze some of these in in January.

Our YPC topic has been ancient Greece, and this may have been the most enjoyable subject of all to teach this term. We've learned about Greek gods and myths, we've designed, made and evaluated clay pots based on Greek amphoras and we've even had a visit from the time-travelling Professor McGinty.

All that's left is for me to wish you a fun and restful festive period; you've earned it!

Happy New Year!

Mr A

December 16

We have managed to fit lots in this half term. In Maths, we have focused on multiplication and division, whilst still using fluent in five to keep other skills up to date. Next term we are going to be looking at fractions.

  In English, we have finished off Room 13 which everyone really enjoyed. We are looking forward to reading another Robert Swindels book next term.

  In Science we have investigated forces and in YPC we have studied the Ancient Greeks and particularly enjoyed a visit from Professor McGinty. Pupils have made some magnificent clay pots and decorated them.

  Pupils did a great job learning and singing our Christmas – Jingle Bell Rock.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.​

December 14
Autumn 2 in 5W

What a busy term we have had! In maths, we have been developing our fluency skills, confidence and speed with the four main operations, alongside a special focus on multiplication and division methods, patterns and relationships.


 Our Book: Room 13 by Robert Swindells, has been finished, and we've written some super stories inspired by Fliss's adventures (including speech punctuation and paragraphs effectively).
Practical investigations and model making to support them (parachutes) have been good fun; we've learned all about forces this half term during our science lessons.
There's been some stunning art produced, and we've frightened everyone with our Haka stomps and grimaces in P.E. Thank goodness we were able to prove we have a mellow side with our angelic rendition of Stille Nacht.
Now it's time to have a rest, and enjoy a quieter Christmas this year. If you don't celebrate Christmas, have a lovely holiday anyway. Well done 5W, you have come a long way in such a short time; promising things are ahead, and I'll see you in 2021.
Feliz Navidad


Mrs Walker


December 08
Autumn 2 5T

This term, Class 5T have learnt the song ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’. We had great fun rehearsing and performing it. Beautiful singing! This set us up well for our Christmas song performance of ‘Winter Wonderland’ which sounded amazing!

In PE, the class have shown amazing teamwork skills in handball and performed an impressive rendition of the Haka.
We have also celebrated our class rewards for 30 points (Art Afternoon) and a non-uniform day just before Christmas as our 40 point reward.
We’re all looking forward to a nice break after a very long term. The children have worked SO hard this term and always rise to any new challenges presented to them.
We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


November 05
Newsletter Autumn 2

We have some more amazing topics and activities to look forward to this half term, whilst of course ensuring we all stay as safe as possible.


This term we will finish reading Room 13 which is proving a big hit with everyone. We will continue to develop our understanding of how to answer different question types in English Skills. When writing we will continue to develop the range of punctuation used and also the fluency and organisation of a variety of genres. We will also contrast Room 13 with another of Roberts Swindells’ great books Nick of Time.
Children will be creating their own worlds using the gaming programme Kodu
We will continue to develop our teamwork skills in the fast paced game of handball which uses lots of the skills that were being developed during our netball lessons. We will also look at the Hakka developing our dance skills and cohesion and unison.
On your class P.E. day your child must come to school wearing appropriate P.E. clothing (including pumps/trainers).
If your child wears earrings there are three options:
 1) Send plasters in so that their ears are covered.
2) Children have plasters put on at home so that they are prepared for their P.E lesson.
3) Children do not wear their earrings on the day they have PE.
Ancient Greeks
We will continue to look at how everyday lives of the Ancient Greeks were different from ours and look further into the mythology of Ancient Greece including gods, myth and beliefs.
We are also fortunate to be receiving a visit from Professor McGinty and a box of ancient artefacts form the Museum, which will help bring the topic alive.
 In RE we will talk about sharing and being generous and how this can make us feel as well as looking at other religions. During PSHE session, we will be studying and celebrating diversity.
During Science, we will look at the forces that surround us including air resistance, gravity and water resistance. We will look at different types of mechanisms and how they help us as well as continuing to develop our scientific enquiry skills.


 We encourage the use of our learning platform, Times Tables Rockstars and MyMaths websites. Times tables can be a bit of a stumbling block and the only way forward is regular practice to improve speed and out-of-sequence recall. Please support your child by hearing them read and encouraging them to read independently as often as possible.


October 22
Autumn 1 in 5W

Everyone in 5W must break up on Friday knowing they've done a great job this half term. It was a bit of a false start, but each and every one of them has made up for it with hard work, and a positive attitude. We could see how tricky it was for some families to get back into a proper routine, but everyone has done their best for me, and the learning is running more smoothly, so we can have more fun.

Our class book has had us all mesmerised : Room 13 by Robert Swindells - the tension has been mounting right from the start, and we think there's something vampiric going on! The children have become experts at skimming and scanning for an extract of text to support their answers, and they are learning how to check their answers make sense, and are the most relevant.

Science has been extraterrestrial - involving studies of our solar system. It's really easy to get your orbits muddled up with your spinning (as well as the timescales and consequences) but 5W managed it. The mini test results yesterday, were excellent, and the kids deserve a good pat on the back.

Our topic on artists and musicians in history has resulted in some fabulous graffitti art, as well as some great songwriting. The climax in music was a lesson on vocal improvisation (the kids pointed out that I had gone a funny colour whilst trying to model it - I was so embarrassed, they did far better than me, you'll be glad to know).

Maths is improving; there is a focus on reasoning, in Y5 . If the children are able to articulate explanations for their answers and methods, they have reached a level of understanding that will give them more confidence. There has been an enormous improvement in the way they communicate their questions,answers and explanations, both verbally and in their books.

All in all, we've packed so much in, so enjoy a week off with your children, if you can. They are wonderful.

Have fun - read for pleasure (I will),

Mrs Walker

October 21
Autumn 1 in 5A

​Well, aren't I a lucky teacher?

I've been so impressed, this half term, with the way that 5A have settled back into school life, adjusting to the new routines and ways of working, and helping each other (and me!) to do the same.

I knew this class when they were 2G, and so was aware of how bright, confident and positive they were. Having the chance to teach them, however, has shown me that these qualities are built on a foundation of hard work, perserverance, and a steely determination to improve every day. This is a class that is comes in every day willing to do the hard work that it takes to get better in each subject, and they do it with a smile. It's also a class that really cares about each other, which is so important in these strange times.

We've been reading Room 13, which the children are loving​, and developing our retrieval, vocabulary, prediction, inference and summarising skills. We've been recapping and extending our understanding of place value, addition and subtraction. We've been learning all about Earth and space. We've been studying great artists from throughout history.

5A have earned a break - I hope that you are able to make it a happy, fun and restful one.

Mr A

October 21
Autumn 1 5JW

  Well it was an unusual start to the term, but it’s been great to get a few weeks in school. Routines are becoming established and everyone is working really hard, with lots of progress being seen.

  In English, we have started Room13 and have already completed a non-chronological report on Whitby which showed lots of great organisation and some fantastic language choices. We have also been working on some punctuation skills such as apostrophes and the punctuation required for speech.

   In Maths, we have done lots of work on place value and are now moving on to written methods. 5JW are showing great addition skills and our subtraction is improving as well.

  Whilst studying Space pupils have showing a great knowledge and interest in finding out about how our solar system works. They have shown some good data handling skills creating line graphs.

  5JW have created some fantastic pieces of Art this half term and I have been really impressed at their desire to improve their skills. We are now enjoying finding out about the Ancient Greeks which will take us up to Christmas.

  Only a couple of days to go before half term I hope everyone has a lovely half term whilst still following the COVID guidance.​

October 21
5T Autumn 1 - A Message

Unusual times call for an unusual Class Blog. This one will consist of two lists…

What a strange and difficult half term this has been.

As I often say to the class, “In thirty years of teaching, I’ve never…

(List One)

“…seen a class wash their hands so quickly and efficiently.”

“…had a class who get on so well with each other.”

“…been so impressed with a class’s adaptation to a new and different learning environment.”

“…been with a class who can enjoy a good laugh with me but then immediately calm down and get on with their work.”

Remote learning. I used to joke with my colleagues that classrooms would no longer exist after the year 2000 and all children would be doing their work on computers at home as we (as teachers) taught them over the internet. Sadly, that joke has now become a reality. There are so many things I miss about working with a group of children in a classroom.

(List 2)

The energy and enthusiasm that cannot be felt through a computer screen.

The ability to guide and advise you all as you take on new challenges and skills.

The sight of smiling faces and the sounds of giggles and laughter which are always a part of our learning environment.

The conversations and discussions we have in class about everything from ‘why we have day and night’ to ‘how to be a good friend’.

Let’s hope that things will get back to normal sooner rather than later.​

Stay safe.

September 04
Autumn 1 Newsletter


Welcome Back!

We are so incredibly happy and relieved to see all the children returning to school, and we are looking forward to teaching them lots of exciting lessons and useful skills. Please be assured that we have put systems and routines in place to keep us all safe and happy. We can all work together to have a great term.




This term we will be reading Room 13 by Robert Swindells. There will be a focus on deeper understanding of the text through higher order questioning and discussion. Using themes from the book, a range of writing genres will be explored while paying close attention to grammar, punctuation and spelling.



Ready for a year of coding and game design, we are preparing the children this term, with a course in e-safety.



In Games we will be developing our skills, teamwork and strategy in Netball. For P.E. we will be studying gymnastics. On your class P.E. day your child must come to school wearing appropriate P.E. clothing (including pumps/trainers). 

If your child wears earrings there are three options:
 1) Send plasters in so that their ears are covered.
2) Children have plasters put on at home so that they are prepared for their P.E lesson.
3) Children do not wear their earrings on the day they have PE.


Great Artists and Musicians is the title of our theme for the first part of this half term, covering a variety of artistic skills, including printmaking, drawing and painting. We will also study musical compositions. This topic will be followed by Greece: Ancient and Modern  including the study of literature, geographical, historical and artistic aspects of the country and its islands. We will open the adventure with the 1960’s film version of Jason and the Argonauts.



Our topic in RE this term explores the different ways in which we can help others including the care of animals and our environment.



In Science we are learning about Earth and what lies beyond our solar system. This will give the children an understanding of the various methods of scientific enquiry used to answer different types of question.



 We encourage the use of our learning platform, Mathletics and MyMaths websites. Times tables can be a bit of a stumbling block and the only way forward is regular practice to improve speed and out-of-sequence recall. Please support your child by hearing them read and encouraging them to read independently as often as possible.





















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